Live: Young Local Leaders have the floor

Young elected politicians from all over the EU meet at the European Committee of the Regions to exchange best practices and discuss what matters most to them. Find more information here in our blog!
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📌 Cohesion as a value-Benefits and costs for young people of transitioning to a post Covid-19 world
The Young Elected Politicians (YEPs) Programme organises an event on Cohesion Policy with the participants of the 2021 YEPs Programme and the YEPs Alumni.

👉 Follow the event!
⏰ 14:00-16:00 PM CEST
💻 Web-stream available here

📑 Check out the full agenda

YEPs meet the High-Level Group on European Democracy
🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ What does European democracy mean for the Young Elected Politicians? Tune in today 15 September at 12 PM to find out!

This event seeks to contribute to the reflections on European Democracy in the context of the Conference on the Future of Europe

🗨 It will enable exchange among the members of the HLG on European Democracy and the participants of the YEP Programme. The focus will be on democracy and the future of Europe from the particular perspective of the younger generations of local and regional politicians.

📑 Read the full agenda here

💻 Watch the Webstream here

The exercise of strengthening European democracy requires a review of the roles of all levels involved, and of the interaction between them. The involvement of citizens - and notably our youth living in regions, cities and villages - must be at the heart of this process. 

Herman Van Rompuy, Chair of the High Level Group and President Emeritus of the European Council

YFactor meets the YEPs!
Within the YFactor project scheme, the spring 2021 CoR's trainees are producing Next Stop, a podcast series dedicated to the European Year of Rail. Next Stop aims at encouraging the use of rail transport among younger generations. 

Nora Korp, YEP and local councillor in Langenzersdorf, Lower Austria, joined Next Stop to share her experience and insights on how local authorities can develop public transport system accessible to all and sustainable for the environment! 

The full interview is available on YFactor's Instagram TV: